Glitter Tattoos: FAQ

We had an excellent question come in over social media asking about how to remove glitter tattoos. If one person has this question, it’s our guess more do, so let’s address it!!!

We want to start off by saying that we do NOT put glitter tattoos on the face and we start at age 3. Insurance liability issues…and just wanting to be as safe as possible. Our glue is body glue, so it’s not your Elmer’s school glue or anything super sticky, but it is effective.

Depending on where the glitter tattoo is placed (on the hand itself is going to be washed more), the average life is 3-5 days. 

“How do we wash these glitter tattoos off? My child has had hers for over a week now and it’s not coming off.”

What is great about this video is that the process is shown and many options are offered on what to use.