What to Expect from Us:

  • Our promise to you is to communicate, connect and create the most professional and creative experience for your event. 
  • Create a positive and fun atmosphere for ALL guests. We are an inclusive company with respect for all. 
  • If you would like, we would be happy to advertise your event on our social media and website prior to the event and also during it if possible. This would only be for public based events, we will not share anything private. 

What We Expect from You:

  • If there is an outdoor event, please see our Weather Policy
  • Based on the size of your event, we may need line helpers/managers for the busy times. That need will be shown in the discovery phase. Usually volunteers step up to assist,  but in the event that that isn't possible, we can provide line helpers at a flat rate. 
  • Inside or outside, we will need a table and up to 3 chairs per artist/station. We can bring our own if needed, but having them provided ahead of time is less set up and break down time and less for the artist to haul around. If you believe your event will be busy, it would be nice to have extra "waiting chairs" for the guests as well. 
  • If outside in the summer months, please put us in the shade or under a tent or pavilion. In the summer it can get really hot for our paint and the guests we are interacting with. 

Other Information: 

  • With commissioned public events, we ask the artists be able to display a tip jar. If this is not something that works for the event you are hosting, please let us know in advance and that will be noted in your agreement and communicated to the artists assigned. Private events, it is our policy to not display a tip jar. 

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