Let's be honest, the weather in the mid-west is weird. 🙂 It is not always easy to plan your events ahead of time, especially outdoor ones, anywhere in the mid-west. The most predicable and consistent thing is weather is not predictable or consistent. With that being said, we do want to factor in weather concerns and create a policy/guideline for how to expect the unexpected...or at least minimize the risk with a plan. 

Here are some things we would like to consider in the booking request process:

  • If this event is outdoors, think about a weather back up plan. Weather is not just rain, it may be too hot, too windy...well, too anything. 
  • Can you create an alternative event location or event date ahead of time in preparation of the weather not cooperating? If you have such a back up plan, please share that with us so we can make note of that as well. 
  • Will your event be a "rain or shine" event? So, weather will not cancel or postpone anything? If so, please mention that as well. 

Our Weather Cancellation Policy: 

If there is a need to cancel the event due to weather issues, we do require at least a 3 hour notice ahead of our starting time on the day of the event, sooner if you can, but we get it, you pray for something to pass or change. However, anything less than 3 hours before will require payment of the event, even if it is cancelled. If things are questionable earlier in the day or week, we will reach out to you to make sure things are still scheduled, but sometimes weather does happen unpredictably, and we understand that as well. We just need to make sure any traveling artists are safe as well as being respectful of their time.