Hands down the most popular and sought after by kids of all ages. Face painting starts at age 3 and expands to kids of all ages and stages. We bring you fresh new faces to the Central Illinois scene and smiles to go along with it. We use industry safe face paint and body glitter. The best part of this experience is watching that kid (or adult) look in the mirror and smile HUGE! (and sometimes they keep coming back to take a peek to make sure its still there!)

Take a look at all the events that face painting can be a hit.

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While glitter tattoos seems to have been taking off as a recent new trend, they have been around for quite a while. Glitter tattoos are fun and glamorous for kids and adults alike. Express yourself with glitter fun! Bonus is that these tattoos can last up to 5 days! They are also a great idea for those hot days when you want something fun and flashy and sweat proof. However, they are not for the face or for kids under 3.

Take a look at all the events that glitter tattoos can be a hit. 

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Henna is an Arabic word that refers to a plant natively found in Asia and Africa. In South Asia, henna is commonly referred to as mehndi. In some cultures, henna designs are synonymous with celebration. The henna plant offers a reddish-brown dye when applied to the skin or hair. A well applied and dried, a henna tattoo will last up to 2 weeks and appear as an orange stain. In some cases with extra care, the time can be extended to 3 weeks.

Take a look at all the events that henna tattoos can be a hit.

Event Types


Add sparkly stands of glamor to your already glamorous self. Hair tinsel is popular for people of all ages. Make it simple or totally glam it up, hair tinsel can add that extra "umph" you are looking for! You can wash, dry and style your hair as you always do and your hair tinsel will last up to 6 weeks (or more!). We offer a wide selection of colors to chose from. This is also great to add on as a service to a party, glam event or just for fun with friends. 


This is a little more specific of an industry but more time than not, a theater performance needs more than just make up. We can work with the theater and costume crew to help transform the actors into their role with face painting and special effects. 


WE LOVE HALLOWEEN! Haunted Houses, parties for big and little kids, haunted trails, anything spooky and all the fun that goes with it. From cute to scary or princess to zombie, we can help transform all ages into their perfect Halloween character for their event.