How do I remove the face paint?
The face paints can easily be removed with warm water and a paper or hand towel.  A high quality wet-wipe will work well too.  Stubborn paint? Just rub some shaving cream or lotion on it, and then wash the area with soap and water again. Surprisingly, make-up remover does not work!

What kind of paints do you use?
We use FDA approved face and body paints. All our glitter is “cosmetic” glitter and will not harm your eyes if some gets in! However, we will avoid that happening as much as possible! 🙂 

What are the rates?
Fill out our booking request form provide information so we can give a detailed event rate. 

What ages do you work with?
Kids of ALL ages starting from 3 years old. We customize face offerings for youth to adults. We appeal to the kid in all of us from any age or any stage of life. We also are family & gender friendly and work with any level of special needs and can provide accommodations if necessary.  

Where can I find you out in the community?
We are all over the Central Illinois area. We also love to travel! We are willing to work with our clients to make sure they have access to wonderful face painting and body art, no matter where they need us! Visit our social media sites or our event calendar to learn more.

How many faces can you paint in an hour?
We can paint between 30-40 faces in an hour for those events with a large turnout. But for smaller events we slow it down and add more details, sparkling jewels, and use more exclusive colors. Glitter and Henna Tattoos processes take a bit longer depending on the size and detail of the artwork.

How long will hair tinsel last?
Properly installed, Hair Tinsel can last 4-8 weeks or longer and will withstand everyday washing and styling. Everyone normally sheds approximately 50-100 strands per day, so the hair tinsel will fall when the hair it is tied to falls out naturally.

Can you wash your hair with hair tinsel in it?
You can wash, brush, and style it however you like, as hair tinsel is heat resistant too!

How long do the glitter tattoos typically last?
Glitter tattoos can last up to 5 days, but typically around 3. The duration of time depends on where the tattoos is placed. If the tattoo is placed on the back of the hand, that location will typically only last 3 days it will be washed and exposed a lot. If on the forearm or top of the shoulder, you are looking at more like the 5 days. We DO NOT put glitter tattoos on the face. Because of the body glue used, we do not service kiddos under 3.

Do you hold liability Insurance?
Yes, we are fully insured as artists.  If you need a copy of any of our artist’s coverage for your event please let us know!

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