Eliminating the LONG Wait Line Experience

At Expressions Body Art and Design we are ALWAYS looking for ways to improve your experience with us, we will forever be in a state of improvement and growth. From our artistry to our service options to our process efficiency, we will do our very best to help you EXPRESS YOURSELF and bring you a FUN and JOYFUL experience while doing so.

ADULTS….what is the WORST thing about face painting (or for ANY kids service that is offered to be honest)? IT IS WAITING IN LINE!!!!! UGH right? Impatient kids, so many other things to do or visit…and most of your event time is wasted in line!!! IT IS THE WORST!!! I mean, WE ARE SO GRATEFUL you do it, but we know it’s not easy and causes stress!!!! WE SEE YOU!!!!

We are piloting a “waitlist” feature to our larger festivals and well attended events!!! The first one will be at the Forsyth Fest this Saturday, June 15th. You can SIMPLY scan a QR code, provide some basic information, including how many in your party, and GO DO OTHER THINGS!!!! Come back when you are notified you are next in line and LET US BRING YOU SMILES!!!!

We would also LOVE your feedback to help us make this new system work! So when you see Expressions Body Art and Design around Central Illinois, know that we VALUE your time and we are ever so grateful for YOU! And if you are able to experience this new wait list feature, please take a moment to share your experience or send an email to let us know how it worked for you, what we can do to improve it and anything you may find to be important for us to know.