This page has an agreement for any freelance artists. Before starting with Expressions Body Art and Design, I would need you to read this and let me know if you understand and agree with freelancer expectations.


Rather than asking for a percentage of this or that. And then having to list what is taken from what with percentages, I have come up with with a KIS (KEEP IT SIMPLE) structure that is easy and benefits the artists more than it benefits me as this money will go back into the business. I will not ask for a percentage of retail or hourly income. I simply am asking for $10.00 an hour from hourly or retail booked events. So, at the end of the month, if you were booked for 20 hours for an HOURLY or RETAIL event, the math is $200.00. How much you make for retail or tips or travel or hourly is not something you need to track and submit to me. I will show some examples of how this is easier and how it benefits the freelance artist. (retail job income totals are built on honesty, I will not policing that)

NEW: However, if you make LESS THAN $50.00/hour at a retail event, let me know. I do expect honesty and integrity, but if you have made less than $50.00/hour (average for the event) then your "fees" will be waived. I want a job to be worth your time.

Most hourly jobs will be from $75.00 to $110.00/hour. 

So let's say there is a 2 hour job at $110.00 an hour. That is $220.00. 

Flat Rate Freelance Fee: $20.00 (based on 2 hours worked) 

If there was a percentage expectation:

  • 10% = $22.00
  • 15% = $33.00
  • 20% = $44.00

Retail, Tips, Travel: KEEP IT ALL! I am just looking for $10.00/hour back at the end of each month for the hours WORKED (not traveled, not set up...just scheduled hours worked).

If you have picked up a job on your own accord that is personal to you, please share it so I can add it to our calendar, website, social media and any other form of advertising to assist with your event. I would be honored if you shared and represented the Expressions Body Art & Design brand. I will not tell you what you can do with your time, talents, and your own supplies...etc. (see OTHER JOBS OR LEADS below). I will also not ask/expect a hourly freelance fee for those events, however, if you wish to give a contribution for the marketing and advertising, I will leave that up to you. 

Any Booking/Marketing Fees will be due at the end of each month and are based on your honesty and your organization to the expectations above. Venmo @hollejo, cash or checks are fine. Whatever works out best for you.

Booth Fees: There are times that there will be a booth fee involved. Booth fees will be shared among all who are working that event. For example: a $100.00 booth fee for a 8 hour event and there are 4 people working that event. That booth fee will be divided up by each person and each person will be responsible for $25.00 of that fee. Most of the time, Expressions will pay for the booth fees ahead of time, and that will be a reimbursement the day of (by Venmo) for that paid upfront cost. If there is a booth fee, that will be communicated ahead of time!!! Nothing will be last minute or something you were not aware of. 


If you do not have the supplies yet for what service you are providing (glitter tattoos, face painting, hair tinsel) I will "rent out kits" until you are able to create your own. 

  • $40.00/day (for those long days over 4 hours)
  • $10.00/hour (for those short days under 4 hours) 


If you use your own are not expected to tell me what you do with your own time or talents. I am not the "face painting Godfather". It is YOUR supplies, YOUR time, YOUR talents....YOUR life. I get it. If you can share events with me, I can advertise, add to the calendar and add to the website. The collaboration and communication  is much appreciated. 

You will be asked for quotes on services, I want you to be able to answer that yourself. I have created a QR code to a page on the website that is NOT public facing so they can scan it and have the answers they need. All the prices are the same and the travel fees are logical by milage. [] AGAIN, KEEPING THINGS SIMPLE! Each artist will have this. I will also have a booking form QR code as well, that page IS public facing but nice to just have them scan something, always just keeping things simple. 

If you get leads while at your event, I would appreciate the forward back to Expressions. I want to create a culture that we all help each other and make life as drama free as possible. I want to grow WITH you all, but I am not going to police your actions or worry about your intentions. This will be a close community and family of creative artists. DRAMA FREE ZONE!!!


If you are looking to stock up your own supplies, I can help guide you to places or products that will be most cost efficient to help you build up your stock. 


Basic supplies you will need for face painting:

Expressions will supply:

  • Apron
  • Name tag
  • Prices laminated sign
  • Closed laminated sign
  • Break laminated sign
  • Artist's name laminated sign
  • Tips gig laminated sign
  • Any other promotions or signage needed for a specific event
  • Faces (laminated) for advertising

Upgraded face painting supplies:


Glitter Tattoo Stencils: You will need to get the tattoo stencils from Expressions, however, the first 50 are on me. The rest will be 10 cents each. They cost 50 cents each on the websites listed above. This will just cover the cost of the vinyl, I am not looking to make money off of the tattoo stencils, just to break even on what I have to pay in supplies. I hope you do not mind working with me on this, however you are welcome to buy them on your own from those sources if you wish. Avoid the Amazon ones, we have learned from experience they can be hit or miss in quality. It will be nice if we all offer the same ones, but again, I will not be monitoring that. I want to offer the supplies to you at such a honest/reasonable cost that makes it easy for us to keep the same inventory. Consistency is key! 🙂 

Glitter Tattoo Supplies:

Expressions will supply:

  • Apron
  • Name tag
  • Prices sign
  • Closed sign
  • Break sign
  • Artist's name sign
  • Tips gig sign
  • Any other promotions or signage needed for a specific event
  • Faces (laminated) for advertising


For hair tinsel, we can discuss that in person.


You will need a basic face painting/any form of body art liability policy. When you get that, please send me a COI (Certificate of Insurance) so I can also have that on file. 

I will also need a W9 on file. Here is the PDF. Fill this out and send it back to me each year. Not every job will need or ask for one, but when they do, I will have it on hand. 


I don't have this completely worked out yet. I guess it will be something we can figure out together as needed. 

HOWEVER, I would love to meet with each artist for some "one on one" to answer any questions and train or help brush up designs. If you are struggling with something, reach out. I want each artist to feel good about what they are contributing and also empowered to learn more. 


I will give all freelance artists basic signs/posters they will need. There will be more that can be used or purchased, up to you what you wish to use. I will show you what I have designed and what I have and we can go from there. The better the advertising, the more money you make. Nothing will be required other than the basics to help you communicate what, how much and when.

I will also give out the QR cards for prices and booking along with business cards and rack cards. I would appreciate they being displayed or handed out. 


I get annoyed by layers of text I have set up a SLACK account:

Here the communications can be in one location, with file access and calendar updates. Job details and anything else you need to know or communicate about will be here.


I will share the Google calendar that is set up with the jobs posted and also INVITE you to the job that is assigned to you....all event details will be on that calendar. There is also an artist availability calendar for each freelancer to block off the time they are NOT available. 


After each job I have a feedback form I will send to the client or business. I will be sure to include each artist in on the reply, should they fill it out. Feedback is important for both personal and professional growth!


Setting up is not part of the paid schedule time. I ask that you get there between 30-45 minutes early to park, unload, set up and be ready to go by the start time. I will not be checking on you about this, but arrival time and start time are questions in the feedback form.


I will give you an apron with pockets in front and the logo on the top. That is yours to wash and keep. As for what else, that is up to you. I ask that politics, religion and social opinion apparel NOT be worn. I want to remain inclusive, and that means open minded to things we may not understand or support personally. So best to just keep things as neutral as possible. Look nice and appropriate. 


Dealing with the public is sometimes stressful. We will have to practice as much patience and understanding as we can...however if you are being insulted or talked down to, by ALL MEANS you CAN refuse to provide a service to that person or group. DO NOT TAKE CRAP just because they "are customers" and this is an inclusive company. Inclusive does not mean abusive behavior is tolerated. I have your back on any decision you chose to make that is best for YOU!

ALSO, we do NOT paint faces under 3 OR to crying children because mom or dad is making them. That kid has rights. And you want a POSITIVE experience for that child. Each situation will be different, do you best to navigate thru it. If you want to talk it out after, please, call me!

With that said, you will experience all sorts of personality types. And physical restrictions. As you work with the individuals in your chair please be as respectful and patient as possible. 

If there are any thoughts or suggestions on how things can be run or done better,